This was just sent in to me via email, so here is the latest info on the upcoming Chaos Space Marine codex. It includes such units as Forgefiends, Warp Talons, the Dragon, and much more.....

Please remember that these are rumors.

via the Faeit 212 inbox
Thousand Sounds full squad is 20 Marines or 10 for half. 150 points gets you 4 sons and a Sorcerer. add more sons for 23 each. Sorcerer can take the boon of mutation ability (the one that gives him an extra roll on the chart at the beginning) for 10 points. he can also have meltabombs for 5 points, and you can buy an icon of flame for 15

230 Arhiman
240 for squad
although a level 3 sorcer is only 140, with mark of tzeentch he is 155

Raptors are 95 for 5, and 17 points for up to 10 more
same upgrades as before

WARP TALONS, are the new raptor. They are 160 for 5 and 30 each for up to 5 more. They all have twin lightning claws. and they have an attack on the turn they deep strike.
its not an assault on arrival. its an attack that makes everyone within 6" of the unit blinded. so if you thread the needle, they won't be shot up

Defiler is 195 now, with all the normal options.
demonforge, the ability you're thinking of, is a once per game re-roll to damage

Forgefiends are 175, they have TWO Hades Autocannons. A Hades Autocannon is 48", Heavy 4, Str 8 AP 4... pinning they are only bs 3, so it's about the same. and once per game it can reroll to-wound and to-pen you can, however, swap those weapons out for Ectoplasm cannons. which are str 8 plasma cannons. and for 200 you get THREE of them. so that's some ap 2 love
3 HP, 12/12/10 armor

Dragon 170, they have 1 hades auto cannon
3 HP, 12/12/10
they can make a melee attack against other fliers
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