Its been one of those long weekends where games late into the night end just before the break of day.  So if it seems I have been gone for a day, well its true.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

What I have been up to...... Painting Dark Vengeance
I have been working on painting up my side of the Dark Vengeance box. So in that regard, here is where I am at. A little focusing issues on this video, but there is no editing on it either. It is what it is.

Rumors: Dark Angels
There have been some Dark Angels rumors, and I will be updating the compilations at the top of the pages as more come in. I do feel we are looking at a November or Dec 1 release date for the codex. Its very logical that both armies in the Dark Vengeance box set would get codices before years end, and over the last several months we have had several rumors that correlate to that logic. 

So while I look forward to a Chaos Space Marine codex, I look forward to having a couple codices down and in our hands for 6th edition. I have my orders in for Chaos Marines, so this Saturday will indeed to be a big day.

New Camera
I have been doing a lot of work with a new camera, so that will greatly enhance some of the things I am doing. It can also do live feeds, so I look forward to getting some live games of 40k posted onto the site, once I get that far and figure it all out. 

What is taking up my time, is learning some new much more advanced video editing software, and getting as much advice as humanly possible on how to make more cinematic videos for my games. 

Flyers? A Christmas Wish
There is so much going on with Chaos Space Marines, Dark Angels, and the new addition, that a flyer release/supplement etc has been lost in the dust and forgotten. There is a lot hanging on an update for flyers, not only new models like the Voidraven (which I have been dying for), but also for things like Flakk Missiles. I am really looking forward to seeing something on this, and its been a little disappointing I have not heard anything on it. 

Things I am hoping to see and hear something on soon.....
Voidraven and Flyer release.... New models.
Updates to units with Flakk Missiles 
A correction and update for the Hydra Flakk Tank. (it needs a fix).

A White Dwarf insert would seem to be the best way to introduce these all at once, and I do hope it goes this route in the very near future. The only problem is that I can see this not happening this year, and if there is anything I am hoping to get for Christmas this year from Games Workshop, it would be this release for our community.

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