September 12th it sounds like there might be some stores closing for the day, however this rumor is very speculative, with no real reasons why or what is really going on. 

Instead I have posted this to see if there are other stores, or other information that readers might have regarding this. 

Please remember that this is very speculative, take with loads of salt

via Faeit 212 inbox
Hi there,
our local GW in           is closed on September 12th for "Reasons ;-)". 
Noone wants to tell me why, because they aren't allowed to. Didn't one 
of the previous rumors state there will be a briefing in that week?
All I know is this never happened before and they're a little low on 
staff, so if someone had to be briefed (which doesn't happen in our 
city, but about 250km away) they might have to close the shop.
This is just guessing, maybe it makes sense in the light of the things 
you might know, maybe it's just nothing at all. Please take a lot of 
salt... and don't choke.
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