New additions were added to the main rulebook FAQs today, apparently some things that just needed to be added in. So take a look to what was added or reworded and even dropped.

thanks to tyarlashan for pointing catching these. I think its time to print these out now.
added: page 2, FMC Swooping, bullet point (p49)

added: page 2, Flyers, Zoom (p80)

added: page 2, Reference Profile, Codex: Tyranids, Tyranid Prime (p413)

reworded: page 3, 4th Q: In a multiple barrage,.... answer is reworded

reworded: page 6, 7th Q: If a flyer suffers Locked Velocity... answer is 
now 36"

dropped: from original FAQ, page 5,
Q: Are models free to move underneath Zooming Flyers? (p80)
A: Yes, though enemy models must finish their move at least 1" away from 
the flyers base.

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