Dark Angel Rumors are always welcome of course, and this time we are getting some from the sources over on Warseer. I am excited to hear more that this codex is indeed scheduled for a release this year. It fits more into the time frame that I have been hearing.

Please remember that these are rumors. Where rumors start to overlap is where we are seeing some good progress.

via Stickmonkey on Warseer
Despite the WD cover, I am hearing Nov/Dec timeframe. Not sure if this is reveal in Nov WD (released in Oct) release in Nov, or reveal in Dec WD...the way the rumors are flowing its getting very difficult to be sure what is meant.

Here's what my sources have passed along:

New Azrael - PA, helmet on and off options, still with a watcher model holding combi-plasma (supposedly the watchers have an expanded role on table top now, but this is the first I've hear of this and no details given, so lots of skepticism.)
Azmodai - TA
Ezekial model staying the same.
Ravenwing Bike captain
Named Sargeant (Nameth?)
Belial gets a model
Sammael gets a new model (I am not certain, but this could be the bike captain being mistaken)

Landspeeder-esq flyer. (we've heard this before, so could be rehash) Has Aquila like wings. TLAC, TML, TLPC, TLHvyB (sounded like these were options, not that it had them all at once)
Plasma Pred (heard this before, too) TLPC turret. 
Deathwing Box (new to me) AC, Cyclone Launcher, THSS x2, LC x2, PS x1, PC, HF, PF x5, SB x5, CF x2 (Lots of bits there, consistent with the load of extras in things like the Space wolf Termies, Plasma Cannon Termie? IBIWISI)
New Dreadnought type. Mortis options.
Inner Circle box. Elites. Robed PA. dual unit box. one is CC focus, the other is dual pistols (gunslingers, anyone?) one version uses chaplain helmets.
Seige unit. (not many details given on this, sounds like techmarine thunderfire type unit, hoping to get more on this)
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