Back a while back, we had a Chaos Space Marine QnA session, and it was an amazing event. There was a new land raider variant in it, one that was able to ram into fortifications... which sounded pretty cool. I am here to tell you it was dropped from the codex.

Now to move to a little more positive news,  we have a little more information on what the Forgefiend is......

Please remember that these are rumors. So yes, this is from a very reliable source.

via Faeit 212 (a Must Remain Anonymous Source)
The ramming land raider is dropped.

The forgefiend is a CC demon engine, and there's a variant that's a a shooty variant with 2 butcher cannons and can take a heavy flamer and some other options.

One is dedicated CC, one is dedicated range, hellbrute is kind of half and half.

the Forgefiend is one codex entry you can make cc or shooty and it's heavy support.

The hellbrute is elite.

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