White Dwarf is being transformed, and its release is only a few days away. I was able to ask a few questions   and here are the answers. The primary question...... Yes, the Chaos Space Marine codex has some photos of it in the White Dwarf. Here is the latest........

Another huge thanks to our anonymous source.
A few points that will hopefully address some of your questions:
- New format is very nice - matte cover, with semi-gloss embossed type (logo etc)
- New format feels more like a proper magazine, less like a catalogue.
- Still a number of adverts, but they don't feel as intrusive
- New style of photography is beautiful - some amazing new images included, matching the style of the 40k 6th rulebook
- More painting tutorials - though these are quite simple; more geared towards your entry level painter (which for me, being a painter first is a dissappointment)
- I haven't had a chance to properly read the editorial, nor a lot of the content, but gut feeling is the new direction is good.

Chaos Space Marines
- its coming along with the new models - within the next 2 weeks.
- Hard Cover
- Phil Kelly is the author
- Some photos of the 'dex are in the WD, though they're quite small and hard to make out text.
- Lots of background included
- Some beautiful artwork
- Several rules mentioned, including 'Veteran of the Eternal War' (not sure of the specifics as I don't have the WD handy) but from memory it gives a unit fearless (definately not 100% sure on this - might be +1LD) and Prefered Enemy (Space Marines). Cannot say if this rule is an upgrade or universal rule.
- There is a Chaos Boon table, which I believe has been discussed before. When an IC defeats an enemy IC in challenge, they can choose to roll on the table. Looks to be 2D6 (maybe even 3D6) and that IC recieves a boon for the rest of the game. Image of this table is too small to make out what each result is.
- New Maulers (CC varient oblits)

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