There are two particular missions in 6th edition that are very low on the victory point levels, Mission 5 and 6. In these missions it is vital, and often game winning to take those secondary objectives and put them into the forefront of your thinking. The lower the victory points in the mission, the more important the secondary objectives are. So lets take a look at what this means.

Mission 5 and 6 really have so few victory points in them, that every point will count, and the secondary objectives will make the difference in the game. A lot of people are forgetting about these.

First Blood. 
Going first gives you a very direct advantage on this one. So it is vital that you if you are setting up second and playing mission 5 or 6 that you take this into consideration. You want anything that can give a quick kill point to either be in reserve, and your much better defended units to take the brunt of any damage thrown down.

This means you need to get out that measuring tape, and know the ranges of your opponent. If there is no way to avoid an easy kill point, very much consider reserving easy kills. Going second you should not just give up this victory point.

If you go first, you need to make sure you get this kill point. Get it. Don't let anything else matter too much, as when missions do not have lots objectives, these kill points are vital.

This is by far easier to get if you are going last in the game. This means to take advantage of it, that you need to be moving into position that you can take advantage of this. By the same token, if your opponent has gone first he has committed already to where he might get this point, so stop it.

Slay the Warlord
This is simply, find him, keep track of him, and do what you can to kill him. Don't throw down your warlord and let him killed without a good fight.

Simple Conclusion
Do not forget about secondary objectives. They are what makes the difference in many games, and will decide who will win and who will lose. Don't lose sight of the primary objective, however, secondaries in mission 5 and 6 will win and lose you the game.
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