Games Workshop Digital has already shocked us with new Dataslate releases this month, starting off with the daemon Be'lakor and the Tau Firebase Support Cadre formation. What is next? Well its time to reveal what lies ahead for us.

Looking ahead there are several formations listed here for 40k including the expected Eldar Ghost Warriors. There are however two new ones that are not Holiday Bundles for 40k, and that is the Centurion Seigebreaker Cohort and the Reclusiam Command Squad.

I am hoping to see more characters, or anything for armies not yet gifted this holiday season in the last 10 days before Christmas where we will see a big character reveal (most likely Cypher).

Please remember that these are rumors until get official release information.

via Tune from the Faeit 212 inbox.
5th: Dataslate: Storm Wing
6th: Warlords of the Dark Millennium: Tigurius
7th: Battlescroll: Creatures of the Chaos Wastes
8th: Dataslate: Eldar Ghost Warriors
9th: Battlescroll: Crypt Scavengers
10th: Index Chaotica: Terminus Est
11th: Dataslate: Centurion Siegebreaker Cohort
12th: Dataslate: Reclusiam Command Squad
13th: Warlords of the Dark Millennium Vulkan He’stan
14th: Warhammer: Vanguard Clash
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