There are reports again of a Warlord Titan being made again, this time as Forgeworld Open Day comes to a close, and all the information form the even is making its way out. Could this be happening? Its hard to say yes, as its like chasing rainbows when it comes to this model and others, like the mythical plastic thunderhawk.

Please take this as a rumor

via Minudra on Warseer
Re: Forge World Open day 2014 new releases (sunday)
Rumors for the warlord titan going around again.
1. Will be a Mars pattern
2. 2 turret mounted carapace weapons
3. Slightly taller but a lot bulkier than the Reaver.
4. Weapons are interchangeable with the Reaver/warhound arm mounts.
5. Still no time scale
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