New from Forgeworld this morning, is a battle tank for the Mechanicum. This is a really beautiful model, as the aesthetics of the tank really just blew me away this morning. From the driver of the massive gun on treads, to the cogs and gears, this thing is a master piece.

As you can tell I am excited for this one. Unfortunately this tank will not be available for pre-order today like normal for Forgeworld models when they announce them. Instead you will have to wait until next weekend, as the release of the model is timed with the event Forgeworld Open Day March 30th.

via Forgeworld Newsletter
The Krios Battle Tank is a vehicle of arcane and ancient design that fulfils a tactical role within Mechanicum armies similar to that of the Predator tank more widely used by other forces of the Imperium. Its durability is provided by interlocking defensive energy fields, rather than physical armour, lending it a deceptively skeletal appearance.

The most common armament mounted upon the Krios is the lightning cannon. This configuration takes advantage of the tank’s powerful on-board reactor’s vast energy capacity to create a laser-path guided electromagnetic beam, able to vaporise flesh and rupture heavy armour with ease.

The rules for the Mechanicum Krios Battle Tank, as well as many other exciting new models, can be found in the forthcoming The Horus Heresy Book Three: Extermination.

A limited quantity of this multi-part resin kit, designed by Stuart Williamson, will be available to purchase at the Forge World Open Day and will also be available to pre-order on the day as well. The Krios Battle Tank will go on general release in the next few weeks.

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