There may be some changes coming to Games Workshop Scenery. While there are new pieces coming out, it also seems that there are some that are going away.

Please remember that these are rumors. Some Salt is always required when we are trying to discern what is going on.

via Mr Mystery on Bols Lounge
Possible changes to scenery range....

Just passing on a tidbit from my local GW, gathered on Saturday whilst chin wagging with the manager (and my former bossman).

Seems some of the scenery kits are being withdrawn, or at least can't be ordered at the moment.

Now it is mostly Warhammer stuff at the moment (Witchfate Tor included), but it's starting with 40k (Battlescape, that one with the wrecked Rhino) now.

How far this will go? I don't know. Is it permanent? I don't know. Could be repackaging into sets, could be bye bye forever. Not enough information at this time.

But, I would say now seems the time to round out any scenery collection you may have, as leaving it later may lead to disappointment.

via a Reader here on Faeit 212
It seems GW is quietly abandoning the fantasy scenery line. The following
products are no longer stocked and may no longer be shipped to resellers:

* Dreadstone Blight
* Skullvane Manse - Lair of the Astromancer
* Temple of Skulls
* Citadel Chapel
* Citadel Watchtower
* Fortified Manor

Additionally the "Sigmar's Blood Scenery Collection" bundle offers a
bargain pricereduction of over 40,- Euro. This is either a nice gesture ...
or a way to empty the storage houses quickly.

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