There is a lot going on regarding a new Games Workshop website, and we even have seen possible images of it. So what is going on with this, well here is a collection of bits from all over, collected and collated to give us an idea on what we might be seeing.

Please remember that these are rumors from multiple sources, and comes with a bit of speculation and conjecture.

via several different anonymous sources and locations. 
New Website
New website is more streamlined.  A lot of faster, drop down menus to direct you faster to your selection.
Indicators on items: Delayed shipping due to stock level, Direct Order Only, Limited Availability.

Black Library
Black Library: Digital Editions are purchasable in stores.  Essentially allowing stores to benefit from the purchase of Digital Editions.  Customer essentially purchases at Order Point, pays in store, and can go to tablet (laptop, etc) and download.  

Forge World tab is missing from the new test site.  Currently Forge World is still at the bottom of the page, giving a link to their main website.
     - Speculated that this is going to be the norm until production levels or distribution centers are increased.
     - Speculation that a tab will be launched with new website but GW is remaining silent, considering non-disclosure agreements. 

The way it is sounding, is that the new website is just upgraded software with a few bells and whistles; nothing screaming revolutionary.  I am cautious on the Forge World part now, it still seems likely but increase in demand (due to easier shipping) would result in needing: More personnel to meet production demand, people need to realize that Forge World is practically a made to order company, they do not have the production capacity or staff levels of GW (in fact they are at about 25% the size).
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