A reader here with the White Dwarf in hand earlier in the week, laid out some of the details of this week's White Dwarf for us. There was more to learn.

I have combined the first article with the new information sent in, just to keep things clear on what is coming without having to follow a link to the previous article. Anything new is italicized.

Please remember that this week's releases have not been announced yet, and as such these are still considered to be rumors.

via an anonymous reader on Faeit 212
Apocalypse Damocles
 Damocles will have Tau Paradox Squadron, Sun shark bombers with a D weapon.
Tau Ranged Support Cadre, who double their number of markerlights.

Helstorm Squadron of Hellhounds with Instant Death helstorm template.

The following are the ones they show the full page of. Tiny text as usual,
but readable.
*Piranha firestream Squadron; 5 piranha that, if they end deployment within
6" of a table edge, they can enter ongoing reserve, then enter again with
full numbers again, fully repaired. Always enter play on second turn.
*Ethereal council; 1-5 ethereals, 01 Aun'va, 01 Aun'Shi. 24" Failure is not
an option, bleeds one Strategic victory point, everyone can invoke one
additional elemental power.

Focus seems to be on Shadowsun, House Terryn, Raven Guard and White Scars

*Armoured Interdiction Cadre will return in Damocles according to Dan Harden.
*There will be fluff on the RG chapter master, Corvin Severax. Apparently first time he is described as well in the book.
*The IG in the book will be Catachan Jungle Fighters.

Black Library
There will be a collection of novellas, as seen in the scan.
And Arjac Rockfist gets a book of his own, where he hunts an alien that managed to infiltrate the Fang.

Exalted Flamer
I have the WD7, and the rules released are for the Exalted flamer without
his chariot (since heralds occasionally steals it):
Marine stats with 3W 3A Ld7. HQ that takes up a Herald slot.
IC infantry, no jump, can't buy further gifts Blue and Pink fire. Also
Fantasy stats, but I am not into that currently. So, not a cashgrab or
improvement on the chariot itself, just a way to use the model if you took
the herald on the disc instead. Apparently they asked Jervis because they
thought it was a waste of the model.

Hero choice.
M6, W3, A3, Ld7 and the rest are 4's.
Can move and shoot pink fire (firethrower, SD6 slow to fire, warpflame) or blue fire (grapeshot, 12" SD6+3 slow to fire warpflame)
If a misfire is rolled, the flamer suffers D6 SD6 hits with the warpflame rule.
Fantasy and 40K flamers should be mounted on a 40 mm base.

Imperial Knights Apocalypse Formation
Household Spearhead is 3-5 Knights in an armoured spearhead, 1 of which is
a Knight Warlord (I assume he gets a warlord trait, at least he is a

Seneschal). They have either Interceptor or scout, chosen when deployed.

the whole Household must choose the same ability, either scout or interceptor. Since they are Armoured Spearhead formation they will fight together as a vehicle squadron, and it is the Knight Household that choose the rule, not the individual knights in the formation.
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