Forgeworld has a new model coming out, the Iron Father for the Legion Iron Hands. Of course its an excellent model for 40k as well as 30k.

Here is a link one of the three pics I have seen. the other two are pics of the clam pack and of the model slightly rotated. The other two pics really do not show off anything the first pic doesnt. Since these are flying around the internet, I am assuming the last two will be up relatively soon on the link.

via Father Gabe on Faeit 212
The Iron Father release
Secondhand information here but got these pictures.  I don't think this is the exclusive Horus Heresy Weekender model but one that will be available that weekend.

This is a model we saw a glimpse of before (just the axe and servo-arm if memory is correct) that some thought was mechanicus or an ork mech-boy.  Now we know.
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