This week's new pre-orders from Games Workshop were interesting, especially when you look at the fact that the new Void Shield Generator sold out in literally minutes. While as frustrating as this is, there are many ways to use current models to make these units. I think that will become more popular unless Games Workshop releases another model that is much more accessible. 

Faeit's Tarot takes look at the news and rumors of the week, so that we can look ahead to predict what is coming in the weeks ahead.

New This Week
Games Workshop
Quake Cannon Craters $37
Void Shield Generator $100 (sold out)

Clan Raukaan - Hardback $49.50
Clan Raukaan - Limited Edition $90
Clan Company Raukaan (Get the entire Clan at once) $1146.50
Battle Brothers of Kalag $146.50

Games Workshop Digital
Dataslate: Tyranid Onslaught - Rising Leviathan III (eBook Edition) $14.99
Dataslate: Tyranid Onslaught - Rising Leviathan III (interactive Edition) $16.99

Horus the Warmaster Primarch of the Sons of the Horus £60.00
Iron Hands Iron Father £19.50
Night Lords Legion Terror Squad Heads £11.00
Night Lords Legion Terror Squad Torsos £11.00

There was quite a few rumors making the rounds this week, from Imperial Knights, to the new website launch date. Looking ahead we are seeing that there is going to be a lot of Imperial Guard Astra Militarum right around the corner starting with the Militarum Tempestus next week. You can see the latest on the Militarum Tempestus at this link.

Imperial Knights

There were lots of rumors this week regarding the future of the Imperial Knights with what and when Forgeworld will adding to them in the near future. There are hints abound, and insight to these below, as Forgeworld has mentioned that they will be doing something with the very popular models.

via a Forgeworld Response to the Question for the Horus Heresy *****
We will be producing an update to the Ally Matrix for Horus Heresy with regards to Imperial Knights.  At this point in time we can't provide any more information than this.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212 ***
The new Imperial Knights in those rumors are coming later this spring, and we may see our first hints of them at the Forgeworld Open Day. 

via Larry Vela on Bols ***
Forgeworld Kit - Knight Lancer
Release date: Q3 2014
Fills a FAST ATTACK slot in an Imperial Knight Detachment
Lancer Kit Description
More posable than the plastic kit.
Very slightly smaller than the Paladin/Errant.
Reverse jointed legs - seen on the EPIC model.
Main central hull is narrower than Paladin/Errant.
Shoulderpads cover more of the arms vertically, similar to a Astartes shoulderpad, as opposed to the more horizontal design of the Paladin/Errant's shoulderpads.
Lancer's head is more prominent in the design.
Thruster jets on the lower back of central hull.
Single central exhaust stack on the upper back of the central hull.
Mounts on a standard flyer oval base.
Arm 1) Fist with an integral flamer weapon
Arm 2) Large previously unseen cannon (the Lance apparently)

Bullgryns and Riot Shields

This was from last weekend, and of course there was more hints and rumors than what I am listing below. Just follow the links if you missed this.

via lordbeefy on Warseer ***
Heard a small rumour today from GW staffer....ogryns shields act as mobile aegis line type defence....4+ cover save, but they forgo their move in the subsequent phase. The weapons are a cross between grenade launchers and a mortar with specialist shells. Sounds very feasible from what i have seen of the model. He also said that the moustachiod ogryn is indeed neddog and has some interesting rules. On a par with the Kell rule with Creed.

April 11th

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212 ****
Both Whats New Today and the new website will go live on April 11th. The site will be easier to navigate, and comes with a lot of new features, some of which are not on the test sites. Forgeworld will be there eventually, but is not right now.


This was a lot of information regarding Orks, and while you should take a lot of salt with this one, its nice to hear some bits on Orks. Definitely check this out, as I posted up just a brief section of these here for review of the week.

via Juvieus Kaine on Dakka **
Goffs and Blood Axes first
Blood Axes can allow Kommandos as troops and can ally with Guardsmen
Snapfit mekboy and weirdboy?
Deffkopta kit
Cybork body parts box
Combi Flash Gitz/Tankbustas box

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