Earlier today, the third Rising Leviathan dataslate went up for pre-orders. Like the other two, it consists of 5 new formations to add to the series reaching a total of 15 new formations for Tyranids to exploit. With the last one being relatively popular with Tyranid players, the formations in this series really add to the flexibility of what Tyranids can put on the tabletop.

The above pic is a released image from the interactive dataslate sample available for free download on itunes.

The Dataslate is available now for pre-orders.
Dataslate: Tyranid Onslaught - Rising Leviathan III (eBook Edition) $14.99
Dataslate: Tyranid Onslaught - Rising Leviathan III (interactive Edition) $16.99

From the previews we see can see a little bit of information regarding the 5 formations that this will include.
Subterranean Swarm
A Trygon Prime is at the center of this formation, bringing along with it Raveners and other "burrowing bio-constructs"
1 Trygon Prime
1 Tyrgon
1 Mawloc
3 Ravener Broods

Bioblast Node
This formation seems to be controlled by Tyranid Warriors guiding a massive wall of tyranid ranged attacks.

There are 3 more formations that we have not yet seen from the previews or samples, but the Black Library has said they will be covering this release this coming Tuesday.

via Games Workshop Digital
Dataslate: Tyranid Onslaught
The third and final instalment in the Rising Leviathan series sees the doomed Imperial world of Satys face its final hours. The Imperial defenders prepare to sell their lives dearly as the Tyranid Hive Mind unleashes a final unstoppable assault on the planet.

This Dataslate contains new background, rules and missions for the forces of Hive Fleet Leviathan. It includes five new formations for your games of Warhammer 40,000, featuring the deadliest Tyranid monstrosities that the Hive Mind has at its disposal. There are also two new missions that allow you to re-enact the final battle for Satys.
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