A Void Shield Generator release is something I have been wanting for quite a while. Of course it could not come at a worse time, and with no real advanced notice and a limited quantity, many people will miss out on this. I have a feeling this will sell out in the first hour or so of it becoming available for pre-order.

A Void Shield Generator release that will be limited to only a 1000 really is not good. These kind of releases like the Dark Eldar Webway Portal limited run are frustrating. Especially because you can take a network of up to three of these as a single fortification.

Please remember that this is currently a rumor until we get an official announcement. Perhaps the model will be released as a kit with Promethium Relay Pipes in the near future.

via a reader here on Faeit 212
I just picked up the latest edition of White Dwarf and the opening pages depict the brand new Void Shield Generator model. Very beautiful model, looks like a series of tesla coils atop conjoining towers (a moderate amount of skulls). According to the article this will be for a limited release of 1000 units.
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