The Mechanicum has always been one of my favorites dream armies, and now with the Horus Heresy, they are finally being fleshed out. Unfortunately not everyone right now has access to the new book which was released in limited numbers this last weekend. Luckily someone is sharing some information for us on what is in the new book, so that we can get a preview.

A huge thanks to Brother Garrod for sharing the mysteries of the book with the rest of the world. Not many of us were able to get to Forgeworld's Open Day to pick one up. So here is his overview of the Mechanicum.

via Brother Garrod on the Bols Lounge

Magos prime / Archmagos prime
archmagos inar satrael - monstrous creature tech magos
magos dominus ( as book 2 )

Tech priest auxilla - squad of upto 2 adepts ( one of which may be upgraded to a magos ) + upto 8 servitors ( which may take a variety of heavy weapons )
must choose a specialisation
enginseer - gains a servo arm and battlesmith
lacyraemarta - gains feel no pain 5+ which they confer to any servo-automata 
friendly adsecularis units gain + 1 to their feel no pain within 6"
reductor- gain servo arms , tank hunter and wrecker usr and may take conversion beamers or graviton imploders

Mymidon secutors - as book 2
adsecularis covenant - ( basically tech thralls from book 2 may be upto 20 strong - feel no pain 6+( may be upgraded to be zombie-like thralls with hated feel no pain 5+ and slow and purposeful

Thallax cohort - as book 2 but with some upgrades
castellax - as book 2

dedicated transport
Triaros armoured conveyer
14 12 12 , 4 hp
twin linked mauler bolt cannon , flare shield ,shock-ram ( when conducting a ram , counts as AV 15 on the front , and rolls on the haywire chart in addition to any other damage - tank shocks at D6 str 6 ap 5 ), searchlight and two volkite sentinels ( pintle mounted charger )

may re-roll failed dangerous terrain
can carry 20 models

Fast Attack
Ursarax cohort
jump infantry
3 strong , can add another 9 to unit
twin linked lightning claws , volkite incinerator , frag grenades

may exchange lightning claws for two power fists
[ volkite incinerator - 
beam - range 10" str 5 ap 5 assault 2 , deflagrate
blast - range ( melee ) str 6 ap 2 melee , instant death , poisoned ( may only be made in close combat against infantry , jump infantry or jet-pack infantry and in doing so may only may a single attack )]

Vorax pattern battle automata
1 in unit , may add 4 more
monstrous creature
lightning gun , two rotor cannon , power blades and infravisor
may swap out lightning gun for irad cleanser
has fleet and scout usr's

Heavy Support
Thanatar class siege automata ( the big thing seen at open day )
1 in unit , may add 4 additional
twin linked mauler bolt cannon
atomantic shielding

lumbering advance
reactor blast

hellex plasma mortar
stationary - range 12"-48" str 8 ap 2 ord 1 barrage , large blast ( 5" ) , plasma wave
fired on the move - range 12"-24" str 8 ap 2 ord 1 barrage , large blast ( 5" ) , plasma wave
[ plasma wave - successful cover saves made against this weapon must be re-rolled ]

Kirios battle tanks squadron
13 12 10 - 3 hp
( fast vehicle )
1+ upto 2 more as a single heavy support choice
lightning cannon , searchlight , flare shield , blessed autosimulcra

must re-roll failed dangerous terrain tests
[ lightning cannon - range 48" str 7 ap 3 heavy 1 , rending , shred , large blast (5")]

may be upgraded to a venator tank destroyer with pulsar fusil
[ pulsar fusil - range 36" str 9 ap 2 ord 4 pinning ]

Myrmidon destructors - as book 2

lords of war
questoris knights - knight errant or paladin
cerastus knight lancer

Magos prime - HQ
magos prime ws 3 bs s 4 t 4 w 2 i 3 a 2 ld 9 sv 3+
archmagos prime ws 4 bs 5 s 4 t 5 w 3 i 3 a 2 ld 10 sv 2+

magos prime may be upgraded to archmagos prime , and gains the relentless usr

special rules
independent character
the orders of high techno arcana 

power weapon
volkite serpenta
mechanicum protectiva

[ magos prime / arch magos must take one of the follwing oders of high techno arcana ( if your force contains more than one magos prime / archmagos , they must be from different orders )

archmandrite ( archmagos only )
all mechanicum vehicles in the same detachment gain it will not die usr
may add + to all reserve rolls

preferred enemy ( characters) and monster hunter usr
ws and attacks both increased by 1

gains fullusade attack , hatred ( everything ) relentless and lumbering advance special rules

[ lumbering advance - may not run or lake sweeping advances ]
inflicts precision shots on a 5+

tank hunters and wrecker usr applied to all attacks
may call down a bombardment one per game

range - unlimited str 8 ap 3 ord D3 large blast ( 5") pinning

( must have at least one adsecularis unit in same detachment )
feel no pain 5+
whenever an adsecularis unit is destroyed , or a roll of 5+ an identical unit to the one just destroyed becomes part of ongoing reserve

may re-roll failed battlesmith rolls
enginseer auxilla may be taken as troops
may have one more fortification than one normally be allowed

djinn-skien ( warlord only )
at begining of the shooting phase , the archmagos may nominate a single unit in the primary detachment ( including themselves ) within 6" of them or any cyber occularis purchased as part of their wargear to benefit for +1 bs
deep striking units arriving within "6 of the archmagos do not scatter
barrage weapons may be drawn line of sight from the archmagos ]

magos prime may take:
augury scanner
cyber familiar
melta bombs
rad grenades
cortex controller
upto 4 cyber occularus

may exchange either weapon for:
archaeotech pistol
photon gauntlet
plasma pistol
maxim bolter
power fist
corposant stave
paragon blade (archmagos only )

may also take:
servo arm
machinator array
conversion beam
graviton imploder
rad/irad cleanser
photon thruster

magos prime may also take one of the following ( if a mymidax may take two of the following instead )
rotor cannon
graviton gun
phased plasma fusil
melta gun

may be mounted on an abeyant

may upgrade a single weapon to be master crafted

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