Specialist Games from Games Workshop have always been a hit or miss situation. Many though have been fantastic games in their own right over the years, from Mordheim, Necromunda, Blood Bowl, and my personal favorite.... Battlefleet Gothic.

So while we have been following their demise on occasion here, I think we can officially wrap these up as gone, despite rumors. Yes, we could see a one shot all inclusive game release, but as far as a supported game in their own rights, the party is over.

via ColinClare on MiniWargaming forums
I emailed GW:
'Hello GW,
Was interested in looking through your specialist games, specifically Battlefleet Gothic, and none of them are responding right now on the Canadian webpage. I cannot view any of the products at all as the pages are all empty.
Hope to be able to view the products soon'

They promptly responded:
'Hello Colin,
Thanks for writing in to us, although I don’t have great news for you. Games Workshop's Specialist Games ranges have all been discontinued.
Sorry we couldn't be any more help than this.
Games Workshop
North America Customer Services'

Don't know if this is new to you, but it is to me!
Really disappointed about that, was interested in adding Battlefleet Gothic to campaigns.

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