The Horus Heresy information is now floating around on Warseer as well as other forums now. From Alpha Legion, Iron Warriors to the Mechanicum we can now get a look at just what these Legions will comprise of. So sit back because this is a lot of compiled information from all over.

Please remember that this is compiled by Navar, and mostly posted by Brother Garrod. This will give you a good idea of what is in the book, but may comprise of errors. So take it as rumored although for some lucky enough to attend the Forgeworld Open Day, the book is in peoples hands.

via Navar (who compiled all this information) most of which comes from Brother Garrod
Iron Warriors
Legiones Astartes
Wrack and ruin
The bitter end

Erasmus Golg
Kyr Vhalen
Tyrant siege terminator squad (elites )
Iron havoc support squad (Heavy Support)

Alpha Legion
Lone killer
Special deployment

Armillus Dynat     
Headhunter kill team (Elites)
Dedicated transport
Rhino or dreadclaw
Lerneaen terminator squad (Heavy Support)

Imperial Fists
Legiones Astartes
Disciplined fire
Blood and honor
The stone gauntlet
Phalanx warders may be taken as troops choices
Shield charge

Rogal Dorn
Phalanx warder squad (fast attack)
Dedicated transport
Protos or phobos if 10 or less, spartan if over 10
May take up to 10 additional warders

Raven Guard
Legiones astartes
By wing & talon -
Flesh over steel -
Decapitation Strike

Corvus Corax
Strike captain Alvarex Maun
Mortitat prime Kaedes Nex
Mor Deythan strike squad (elite)
Dark Fury Assault Squad (fast attack)

Magos prime
Independent character
The orders of high techno arcana

Archmagos inar satrael
Special rules:
Order of high techno arcana (archimandrite)
Replusion shield
Haemonculite cyber-corpus -
Teleport protocols
Implacable advance

Magos dominus (as book 2)

Tech priest auxilla
1 adept + 4 automata
Special rules
Techno- arcana
Stubborn (magos only)

Dedicated transport
Triaros armoured conveyer
May include
One additional adept, up to 4 addition automata
Single adept may be upgraded to a magos auxilla

Myrmidon Secutors - as book 2
Adsecularis covenant

Thallax cohort - as book 2 but with some upgrades
Castellax - as book 2

Dedicated transport
Triaros armoured conveyer
Tank (transport)
Special rules:
Galvanic traction drive
20 models

Galvanic traction drive
Volkite sentinel
Shock ram

Fast attack
Ursarax covenant
Jump infantry
4 in unit, may add additional six

Vorax pattern battle automata
1 in unit, may add 4 more
Monstrous creature

Heavy support
Vorax class battle automata maniple
Monstrous creature

Irad cleanser
A single may be given paragon of metal special rule

Thanatar class siege automata maniple
Monstrous creature

Kirios battle tank squadron
Kirios - BS 4 13 12 10 HP 3
Fast vehicle
Myrmidon destructors - as book 2

Lords of war
Questoris knights - knight errant or paladin

Mechanicum Cerastus Knight Lancer
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