There is a new location for this year's Valhalla that sells itself in terms of location up in the Utah Mountains. It looks absolutely beautiful up there, and the Pavilions look like a lot of fun. Of course we are looking at being just over a month out now on the May event, which I will be attending.

For those that do not know, Valhalla is a great Gamers Retreat up in the Utah Mountain where for 6 days you bring your armies and get lots of gaming in and talk shop with people from all over the hobby.

It will be lots of great food, great activities (including some of the more dangerous ones), a lot of gaming, and some great relaxation. I will of course give some great videos of the trip and keep you up to date on what is going on there as well the normal news.

I have my UCM being wrapped up by Blue Table Painting, so I look foward to that, as well as a promised game of Dropzone with Shawn. I have a feeling he will be fielding his UCM, so I might have to bring it with my Scourge.

As far as Warhammer is concerned, it is apparent by now that I will be bringing my Dark Eldar again with some Eldar back up. This is very much what I brought last year to field, but I will probably include a few wraithguard as well.

If you are trying to get out to this Valhalla, there are some deals going on over the next month, so head on over to BTP to check it out.

BTP Youtube

Of course here is the website to the new location with lots of pictures.

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