There are quite a few things that are going to disappear this weekend at your local GW stores. They are being sent back, and are either going direct, or being replaced. I had a lot of emails this morning (I took two that were not, to publish below). Either way if you were waiting to buy a model, check this out just in case.

What it looks like is a lot of Warhammer Fantasy, some Imperial Guard (that are probably being reboxed like we saw in the release schedule for this coming weekend.), quite a bit of Finecast characters, and LoTR box sets. Check out the emails this morning here, and the links to find out what may be going away.

If you are unsure, get a hold of your local GW if you are interested in these models.

via a reader here on Faeit 212
a large number of wood elves have dissapeared from the site including some of the direct only wardancers. Also my local stores are trying to sell a load of stuff quick before they move to direct only. This appears to be all finecast boxes and also a lot of finecast blisters like valkia the bloody. Also books like mighty empires and blood in the badlands. It also seems the mini packs such as 3 chaos warriors are going to. A lot of models are going to disappear off our shelves this weekend.

It appears actually to be ALL finecast products. They confirmed at my store every fincast LOTR model is going and from what they can tell every finecast single figure is going as well.
Ok folks you have until the weekend to get these items Instore after they go back to head office and that will be the end of them so give me a shout if you are after any of them

via another reader on Faeit 212 (a google translation)
Today my local GW store published in their FB page a picture of discountinued stuff that they're going to ship back to the UK after this weekend. For the most part are WHFB and LOTR boxes though there is also the Catachan Command Squad and Catachan Battleforce in there.
"Every year at this time we do a refund to UK product that is becoming discontinued, whenever I do someone comes looking for any of these items and is disappointed not to see them in the store come for them, I hope that this will alleviate a small thing, so for me you are warned, this weekend you is the last thing I have these boxes displayed in store, thereafter ... or may be obtained or are available only through the website if you want something give me a hint (weak please) and I will keep up this Saturday ok? See you!"
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