Some people are already claiming to have seen the Militarum Tempestus (new storm trooper mini dex) for next weeks White Dwarf, or found clues to confirm that it is coming next week as we saw in the leaks. While the details are limited, it is a solid confirmation that we will see them this next weekend as pre-orders, and most likely the Astra Militarum (the new IG) the week after.

We have seen images of this release and you can go back to when we first learned of these here. Links to the images are still working.

Here are the releases mentioned in the leaks
Tarox Prime: 1 model $48
Scions: 5 models $35
Codex Militarum Tempestus: hardback 72 pages $49.50

Please consider these rumors.

via Venatus on Faeit 212
Was at GW and the staff let me take a look from far away of the next White dwarf issue 9.
I can confirm IG are on it with that new transport on the cover.

via a reader here on Faeit 212 (He is talking about the current White Dwarf and clues found inside it)
So I got my hands on this weeks White Dwarf and had a flick though it, when a comment on Paint Splatter is of interest.

Pg. 25 - "Next Week: Into the Tempest".

It's a vague clue, but it could be a hint to next week's paint splatter being about how to paint the Stormtroopers. This itself implies that the whole Militarium Tempestus book is still going ahead, and that the leak from a few weeks ago was indeed very real.
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