Forgeworld Open Day revealed a plethora of new releases and models for us to drool over. Not only did they reveal the latest Imperial Knight, the Lancer, there was tons of new images for the Mechanicum, Legions, New Tyranids, Realm of Battle Boards, and more.

There is also here a great little chat that philbrad2 had with Alan Bligh about the releases seen here at Forgeworld Open Day today. Great stuff is ahead for Forgeworld.

via philbrad2 on Warseer Regarding the new Forgeworld Releases.
Speaking to Alan Bligh about the Mechanium list in the new book (very extensive it is too) he explained the Forgeworlds in 30K are aligned rather than subservient to Mars in M30 and the armies raised from these worlds are very different to the Martian Mechanicum or a 40K Mechanicus army. Skitarri are primarily a military arm of the Martian Mechanicum and the Forgeworld armies are raised by the Forgemaster of that world, the forgeworlds in 30K are very much self contained feudal societies rather than an element of a larger Mechanicum so the worlds have varied units from each of the worlds forges mobilised by their nobles very much in the way a medieval ruler would manipulate Barons/Lords on his fiefdom to fight for his cause.

Lancer is destined for close combat than the Errant/Paladin. FW will be making weaponry for the GW Knight to expand its use primarily tied to 30K technology levels. FW are relaxing a bit on the HH sereies now the first trilogy is out there and there are still a large number of models they haven't shown yet and will be visible at the HH Weekender in a few months.

via RanaldLoec, Minudra on Warseer and around the web

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