The Helbrute Dataslate is coming up this weekend, with a full 3 new formations to breathe some serious life into this model. The new kit is nice, with lots of options and this dataslate looks like it will be making sure that a lot of it them get used.

There was some information gleaned from the Facebook page for Games Workshop Digital on the new Helbrute formations. Zion over at Tabletop Wargaming was nice enough to send me a link to his article with the information.

I have posted up the parts from Games Workshop Digital here, but for the full article by Zion head on over and check it out.

Compiled by Zion over on Tabletop Wargaming
You don't even need to field them as part of a Chaos Space Marines force, and they would certainly look equally at home rampaging alongside their warp-spawned allies in a Chaos Daemons army.

Andy Clark
Personally, I particularly like the Helcult formation. I love the idea of this rampaging mechanical idol storming into battle, totally disinterested in the fanatical fools flocking about it – unless, of course, they get in its way! It feels really appropriate for warbands like the Word Bearers or Emperor's Children, where you can just see the Cultists gathering to worship the very thing that will soon enough destroy them.

We like the Helcult formation too, not least because you actually get all the miniatures you need to field it (albeit at it's smallest) in the Dark Vengeance box set.

Simon Grant

Regardless of the exact nature of their apotheosis from man into machine, there are some Helbrutes who, by ill fate or dark blessing, are reborn as the mightiest of their kind. It is for this reason that my favourite Formation is the Helfist Murderpack, for one of these fell machines leads the other Helbrutes into battle as a Chaos Lord would a squad of Chosen. Not only is he blessed by the Dark Gods with protection in the form of a 5+ invulnerable save, but as a character, this pack leader can even fight in a challenge!

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