Today the Crimson Slaughter were released along with the new Helbrute model kits. Other news included the pre-orders of new units for Dropzone Commander giving us new units for each growing faction. There were rumors that look ahead to a new Games Workshop Webstore that may include Forgeworld models, and hints of a new 40k supplement being worked on, the Night Lords Legion.

Faeit's Tarot takes look at the news and rumors of the week, so that we can look ahead to predict what is coming in the weeks ahead.

New This week
Warhammer 40k/30k
Games Workshop Pre-Orders
Apocalypse War Zone: Damocles $33.00
Damocles: An Apocalypse Anthology $30.00

Black Library
Games Workshop Digital Pre-Orders
Dataslate: Helbrutes $ 4.99

Mechanicum Myrmidon Secutors £36.00

Dropzone Commander
Hawk Wargames Pre-Orders
UCM Fireblade Light Tanks £11.00
Scourge Ravager Pack £11.50
PHR Helios Jetskimmer £10.50
Shaltari Birdeater Battle Strider £11.50

This week we had lots of rumors and information regarding this week's releases, and for the most part they have been very accurate. Beyond this week though, the rumors still have been rather good, as this week we saw a rumor that turns out to be not real for a Night Lords, new information for the upcoming GW Webstore, and a good look at the release schedule into mid-April. Lets take a look, and see if we can divine what lies ahead.

Night Lords Legion Warbands

A heads up.... These have just been proven to be fake, and are fan made back in September of last year. Only keeping these up to help filter out what is not real in case you missed the updates on the article.

This is definitely a fan made product, although definitely caught the spirit and feel of the Night Lords. It included the normal army wide rules, some new equipment, Warlord Traits, and of course Relics.

Here are a couple of the bits that caught my eye, and to see more follow the link to the full article.
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212 *
Night Lords Army
On any turn in which Night Fighting is in effect any model with Sons of the Night Haunter have both Terror rule and Shrouded.
Disgust for the Tainted
No model in a Night Lords Detachment can include models that bear the Daemonic rule or Chaos Marks, including upgrades. This does not include Daemon Weapons, but does restrict daemonic possessed vehicles.
No Chaos Boons that replace models with a spawn or Daemon Prince. Rolls are ignored on a successful leadership, and if failed, the tainted commander is slain
Jump Tactics
0-2 Chaos Raptors with the Sons of the Haunter rule can be fielded as troops. Can replace their close combat weapon with a lightning claw or both for a few points more. Night Lord Lightning Claws do are not specialist weapons.
0-1 Chosen Units with the Sons of the Haunter may be upgraded with jump packs
Ranged Weapons
Added ranged weapon options and chosen weapon options for models with the Sons of the Night Haunter
1.Helstalker Boltgun (1) – 30” Str 4 Ap 5 Heavy1, Sniper, Helstalker.
Helstalker: Weapon causes Precision Strike on a to ­hit roll of a 4+ (no effect when Snap Firing)and is ST5 (as opposed to ST3) when shooting any vehicle.
2.Widowmaker Volley (2) – 12” Str 3 AP-­ Assault 3, Lethal Precision
Lethal Precision: Ignores all saves on a to ­hit roll of 6.

Games Workshop Webstore

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212****
the new GW web store will have it's final testing phase from 17th to 20th of march. Guess we can expect the new webstore in early april!

via Tim on Faeit 212 ****
GW Website
Launch day will be the 7th April!

Release Schedule March\April

This is a compilation of rumors and projections for what we will see in the near future. I have rated the release week's separately to better get an understanding of what we know and dont.

March Week 3 Pre-Release Date March15 *****
Tzeentch Exalted Chariot Dataslate
Apocalypse Datasheet Knight Formation (for Errants and Paladins)
Apocalypse Damocles Warzone Book
Dataslate Helbrutes

March Week 4 Pre-Release March 22 ****
Most Likely since we have seen leaked pictures
Codex Astra Militarum
Astra MilitarumOgryn/Bullgryn Dual kit
Astra Militarum Hydra Dual Kit (not sure on the other side of this kit is yet.)
Less Likely but still out there
Veteran of the Long War Supplement
Chaos Space Marine Havocs
Chaos Space Marine Chosen

April Week 1 Pre-Release Date March29 *****
Codex: Militarum Tempestus
Astra Tempestus Scions/ Command Squad
Astra Tempestus Taurox Prime/ Astra MilitarumTaurox

April Week 2 and Beyond ***
Which ever does not appear between Codex Astra Militarum and Chaos Space Marines, will most likely come after the first week of April.
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