The Taurox is starting to grow on me, and while we are looking a new dedicated transport that will fill a slightly different role than the Chimera, it will still compete with it. Looking at what we know already (there is a few small bits of new information here) the Taurox and Taurox Prime will function with different roles and different upgrades.

As you can see from the MRAP above, the Taurox has some similarities and is rapidly growing on me.

Updated: Rules leaks were found after I had written the article. Here is a link to the rules leak now floating around the internet.

Please remember that these are still rumors and there is some room for error until we get the rules this weekend. The pt costs listed were calculated based on information here on this site.

As it appears, the Astra Militarum will have full access to this as a dedicated transport. It has a capacity of 10 that can re-roll difficult terrain tests. Its armour value is less than a Chimera, at 11/10/10. It sits close at 50pts and comes with a single twin linked Autocannon and a BS3.

New info: it comes with 2 firing points one on each side of the vehicle.
Access Points on each side and the rear

This makes the tank a relatively nice transport, with a decent gun (autocannon), which can give the tank a lot of use if these rules pan out. I can easily see veteran guardsmen (assuming still around) moving quickly to this tank. The downsides of course being limited firepoints, and less armour.

The Taurox Prime
The Taurox Prime is the same vehicle in regards to armour, firing points, Capacity, and re-rolling difficult terrain. Where it exceeds past the standard Taurox, is that it is a fast vehicle for about 80pts. It's also BS4

Another big difference here is that the Prime can only be taken by Scions and the Scion Command. We dont know if there is any other access at this point to this vehicle beyond the Miltarum Tempestus.

While it comes with a Taurox Battle Cannon, it can be upgraded to the Gatling cannons or the Missile Launcher below.
Taurox Battle Cannon S7 AP4 blast
Taurox Gatling Cannon S4 AP Heavy10 +10pts
Taurox Missile Launcher Heavy2 Frag/Krak +20pts

The tank also comes with side mounted guns.
Hotshot Volley Gun TL Salvo 2/4 Str 4 Ap 3
Upgrade to Twin-linked Autocannon

OK, I like this vehicle. Fast moving, a Taurox Battle Cannon S7 AP4 blast and a twin linked Autocannon. With a fast vehicle you can move 12 and fire both. The blast works for me along with an upgrade to a twin linked autocannon. Thats a lot of firepower, but the big downside of course will come that its still very lightly armoured.

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