There are new orders for the Astra Militarum, and today we have a first look at some of them. From the release order we had earlier today, there are 10 cards in the Astra Militarum Order Card set, so we can assume that there are more orders than what we have revealed here below.

Please remember that these are rumors. I was told that there are 9 orders just a little bit ago. I can assume that means we are looking at a 10 card set with 9 order cards. I am sure we will find out soon.

via Dex in Alaska on Faeit 212
"Take Aim": Gives the ordered unit Precision Shot
"Smite At Will": Gives the ordered unit Split Fire
"First Rank Second Rank": Ordered unit gains an additional attack with lasguns and hot-shot lasguns
"Forwards for the Emperor" After shooting, ordered unit must run even if they can't normally
"Move, Move, Move" Ordered unit must run, roll dice and use the highest.
"Suppressive Fire" Ordered unit's weapons have the pinning rule

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