The new Helbrute dataslate was just put up today for pre-orders, and it includes 3 formation according to previews. Of course this will be a digital release only, and will be available starting March 22nd.

You can see the previews by following the link, and below are the what we know of the three formations. I have a feeling from reading through them, that these will get some Helbrutes back onto the tabletop very quickly. Just the two were you can discern a little information already opens up some great possibilities for Chaos Marines. Of course we will have to wait a week to see exactly how these work. My expectations are high on this one.

Dataslate: Helbrutes (ebook edition) $4.99

Dataslate: Helbrutes (Interactive Edition) $5.99

Helcult is a formation that contains cultists and the Helbrute. While we do not know exactly what the formation will be, the possibility exists that these could be combined into a single unit. That would make it formidable indeed, even if there is some risk to it.

Mayhem Pack is the other formation mentioned, and appears to be a group of Helbrutes that can deep strike on the battlefield using some teleport technology. This could be very valuable, as you could easily drop in several multi-meltas into very close range of enemy armour, or to disrupt backfields.

Helfast Murderpack: No information besides the name revealed.
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