The next White Dwarf will not contain the Ogryns, Scions, or even the Hydra. According to someone with the White Dwarf there will be an Apocalypse book with a formation for Imperial Knights, and something new..... a dataslate for Chaos Daemons.

Please remember that this is a still considered to be a rumor, but it does appear that most of the Imperial Guard leaks we have been seeing are for the following week.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
just saw the next WDW, it's about apocalypse formation of knight, and a 
book of apocalyspe will be sold.
nothing about the new guard ogryns or scions etc...
painting articles about metabrutus, pages about apocalypse, a dataslate for 
daemons (exalted chariot tzench) and a datasheet for a knight formation in 

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