This is a very cool rumor, that not only discusses Blood Angels and Space Wolves, but goes right into dealing with a very sensitive subject, the Sisters of Battle.

There is nothing I would like better than to see the Inquisition expanded upon. The idea of Inquisitors able to replace an Imperial Guard HQ would be a dream come true for my own personal collection. I love Inquisitors with my IG on the table top and is one of the primary reasons I play Grey Knights.

Please remember that this is a rumor, and on this one, please add some extra salt.

via an Anonymous Source

Wolves early / middle 2014, Inquisition fall / end 2014, Blood Angels fall / end 2015.
Not many releases for Wolves, just specific flyer variants.
Finecast big predator wolf.
Wulven units included.
They also get almost all Marine releases till then, apart of flyers.
Inquisition all three ordos, two different armies (grey knights and sororitas). Inquisitors can replace IG HQs.
Blood Angels on early re-design.
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