Last week I missed my weekly editorial, and even as I meant to get a catch up article during the first part of the week, even that fell away. My excuse is going to be...... roll a d6....... lets see a 4.... "I had a 40k game that went very late, and was extremely tired the next the day".

During the week, I report news, rumors, and the hobby in general. Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial, where I generally get to comment, and blog about what is going on here on my own tables, or just what it is that I am thinking about.

Necrons vs Grey Knights
Ok, I really did have a game that went late. Thanks Eric. Lets get another one in, and I promise I will field a more balanced list. (I got smoked). 

Yea, it was a good game, good opponent. When facing a very much AV13 army and little means to take it out, the necron vehicles dominated the field. However, it was a kill point game, and wow, did it not go my way. Two vendettas were useless against everything. yes, dice went very bad for them. However my opponent was able to use his Tesla weapons to a huge advantage to rip my armour apart, and while I did not get tabled, it was a rough a game for the Grey Knights. 

So I spent a little time last week fixing my Coteaz list, which was obviously not sitting properly. Its always worth remembering that you learn more about your list from losing than you do from winning.

Dark Eldar
Every day, every night it seems has been dominated with the fact that I have not gotten enough done regarding getting my Dark Eldar done and wrapped up for Valhalla now two weeks away. What is painful, is that after I do finish up 2500pts of dark eldar, I will need more options to get more games in, so I will be painting extra models. I am sitting at about 2300pts of Dark Eldar done now.

So while I have finished my 4 archons, my vehicles, my primary infantry, its now time to expand upon my warrior selections, and see how many I can get done before its time to get going.

When its time for Valhalla, my painting supplies are being put away for awhile.

Speaking of Valhalla. Its getting close to realizing that my Battlefoam box should probably be here later this week, or early next week at the very latest. I am very excited to get it, and of course I will do a full video review of it when it arrives. 

Tomorrow is Monday, I will give them a call for a quick status update to help make sure I receive it on time for the upcoming event. 

Eldar being next is a huge thing for me. Having about 8k in Eldar and about the same in Dark Eldar, its something that I definitely want to get my hands on. I am trying to keep my expectations down, because I fully expect to see a beautiful codex full of full color artwork that should be mind blowing.

Eldar really are one of the most beautiful armies to collect and paint. When done by a pro, they are by far the most amazing of armies. (although lately GW's new models are pushing that envelope). 

A good friend of mine has a few more models I am looking at, including some harlequin jetbikes which look very cool. Not to mention he has a few more rogue trader harlequins. That will literally give me quite a few harlies (including the new and old).

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