New FAQs are Up. It looks like a lot of armies are FAQ'd and I only quickly when through mine to make sure I was not in trouble for what I am taking to Valhalla next week.

Here are the links. Power Field Generators are now reduced.

40K RULEBOOK v1.4_APRIL13.pdf(0.47 MB)Black Templars v1.2_JANUARY13.pdf(0.22 MB)Blood Angels v1.3_FEBRUARY13.pdf(0.24 MB)Chaos Daemons 2013 v1.0_APRIL13.pdf(0.04 MB)Chaos Space Marines v1.2_APRIL13.pdf(0.05 MB)Dark Angels v1.1A_APRIL13.pdf(0.11 MB)Dark Eldar v1.4_APRIL13.pdf(0.24 MB)Death From the Skies 2013 v1.1_APRIL13.pdf(0.05 MB)Eldar v1.3_APRIL13.pdf(0.21 MB)Grey Knights v1.4_APRIL13.pdf(0.31 MB)Imperial Guard v1.3_APRIL13.pdf(0.21 MB)Necrons v1.4_APRIL13.pdf(0.27 MB)Orks v1.4_APRIL13.pdf(0.27 MB)Sisters of Battle v1.1.pdf(0.09 MB)Space Marines v1.3_APRIL13.pdf(0.22 MB)Space Wolves v1.2_JANUARY13.pdf(0.35 MB)Tau Empire v1.0_APRIL13.pdf(0.03 MB)Tyranids v1.2_JANUARY13.pdf(0.2 MB)
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