Just to keep up to date, I was reminded several times that Fantasy FAQ's were also updated yesterday. So as not to leave out other game system releases, here is a listing of your FAQ's for The Hobbit, Warhammer Fantasy, and Lord of the Rings, with links of course.

The Hobbit

Lord of the Rings
Kingdoms of Men_APRIL13.pdf(0.2 MB)Mordor v1.1_APRIL13.pdf(0.25 MB)Moria & Angmar v1.1_APRIL13.pdf(0.19 MB)The Fallen Realms v1.0_DECEMBER12.pdf(0.2 MB)The Free Peoples v1.1_APRIL13.pdf(0.23 MB)The Fellowship of the Rings Supplement FAQ Version 1_1 February 2012.pdf(0.09 MB)The Return of the King Supplement FAQ Version 1_1 February 2012.pdf(0.04 MB)The Two Towers Supplement FAQ Version 1_1 February 2012.pdf(0.06 MB)

Warhammer Fantasy
WARHAMMER RULEBOOK v1.8_APRIL13.pdf(0.72 MB)Storm of Magic v1.0_APRIL13.pdf(0.06 MB)Beastmen v1.4_APRIL13.pdf(0.18 MB)Bretonnia v1.6_APRIL13.pdf(0.18 MB)Daemons of Chaos v1.0_APRIL13.pdf(0.07 MB)Dark Elves v1.5_APRIL13.pdf(0.22 MB)Dwarfs v1.6_APRIL13.pdf(0.22 MB)Empire v1.2_APRIL13.pdf(0.11 MB)High Elves v1.5.pdf(0.15 MB)Lizardmen v1.5_APRIL13.pdf(0.2 MB)Ogre Kingdoms v1.1_APRIL13.pdf(0.11 MB)Orcs & Goblins v1.2_APRIL13.pdf(0.13 MB)Skaven v1.7_APRIL13.pdf(0.46 MB)Tomb Kings v1.4_APRIL13.pdf(0.16 MB)Vampire Counts v1.1_APRIL13.pdf(0.12 MB)Warriors of Chaos v1.0_APRIL13.pdf(0.07 MB)Wood Elves v1.3.pdf(0.18 MB)
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