Speed and more speed, of course with finesse used to be the way of the Eldar. In some regards you can still say that they are indeed fast across the table when referring to fast skimmers, or jetbikes, but in reality, Eldar have lost a lot in regards to the speed advantage over other armies.

Eldar used to be feared for how far across the table they could reach. Now with all armies able to run, and eldar simply being able to re-roll this number or assault dice (not arguing that this is not useful) Eldar are no longer the master of speed on the tabletop.

I have faced Dark Eldar many times, and losing the ability to move a raider 12" get out and assault, is a huge problem. I know you can move 6 get out 6 and then assault, however, it was that 12 vehicle movement that gave you the edge on placement and direction of your assault.

Its been several times now that I have simply moved a rhino at that 6" vehicle movement position, and completely stopped a raider from being able to launch an assault from. You can even pin them in, so that they cannot deploy their troops, gaining valuable time on holding back a Dark Eldar spearhead.

I think the point of all this tonight, is that I was really contemplating how slow eldar have become in relations to the other armies in 5th and 6th.

Here is to hoping that Eldar receive something in the near future to increase their speed.
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