Its about time some additional information start flowing for High Elves. Here we have unit listings and of course a new model list for what we ashould be seeing here up for pre-orders at the end of next week.

Earlybird on Warseer also just posted the list, so some credit there as well, and from an anonymous reader here, we have the list + new models list.

Please remember that until we hear something official, everything is classified as a rumor.

via an Anonymous Source from the Faeit 212 inbox
Core :
Lothern Sea Guard
Silver Helms
Tiranoc Chariot
Shadow Warriors

Special :
Ellyrian Reavers
Chrace Chariot
White Lions
Dragon Princes (Horse)
Great Eagles
Bolt Thrower

Rare :
Dragon Princes (monstruous)
Phoenix Guard
Saphery Chariot

New Models:
- Saphery Chariot (flying chariot)
- Drake Riders (dragon princes)
- Shadow Warriors
- Phoenix
- Guard of Avelorn (maiden guard or similar, not confirmed yet maybe extra option if you take Alarielle as well as 5th edition book)
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