A lot of long time Eldar fans really want Phil Kelly to be writing the Eldar codex that we expect out next month. This morning though I received an email that telling me that it really wasn't such a mystery who is writing the codex, because he was told by the author himself that he was doing it. So take a look at what was said.

I wasn't there, so I do assume that this was said, however, I always take it with the understanding that its quite possible he was not officially the author at this time, or that things change since this event occurred. I seem to recall something like this being said.

Please remember that this is a rumor. Nothing is official until we actually get the leaks in hand, or even the finished product for that much.

via the Faeit 212 inbox
just saw that ur asking who will write the Eldar codex and i can tell you that.

Two years ago on Games Day Germany Phil Kelly told me hes so exited about the "new" Dark Eldar that he has written alot about Eldar in his little textbook.

I didnt think its a mysterie that Phil Kelly is working on the Eldar book.
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