The rumors here are say that these rules/information come directly from the latest upcoming White Dwarf regarding High Elves. So fans, this is a long list of information from 4 different sources out there.

Please remember that these are still considered to be rumors, until the product is in hand.

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Straight from the WD it seems..

Source #1 - Source says from the WD
Some rumours for you all.

New Sea Guard character type. Can ride flying chariot
Hoeth Loremaster is a Lord choice and is L2 mage that knows all signature spells from battle magic.
Phoenix gets buffs based on winds of magic. If it dies, comes back on a roll of a 6
Reavers and Silverhelms core
Bolt throwers are rare
High Elf lore attribute "Shield of Saphery" grants 6+ ward save, if you have a 6+ ward save already it increase by +1
White Lions and Swordmasters still have ASF...
Phoenix can be ridden or unridden. Flame Phoenix is anointed of Asuuryan, Frost is anointed of Caradryan
Sisters of Averlorn, magic bows.

Source #2
I have contacts that have confirmed 2 things for me
A. Lord level lordmaster is in the game in some capacity(knowign 1 of each lore which is sig)
L2 wizard high elf hero stats but 3 wounds.

B. Looks like ASF is staying contary to all rumours, however whether it is speed of asuryan style with great weapon im yet to find out, however i highly doubt it and think it will flick to initiative order rather than asl. Looks like great weapons in initiative order. Also new rule partial prowess across the entire army!

C. Lothern Sky cutter chariots are the new chariot pulled by a swift feather rock! Eagle eye bolt thrower on back (possibly an upgrade)
can be a character mount for new character Lothern sea helm which is the guys you have seen with bsb in rumour sections. This guy can alos be on foot and or armed with trident.

D. Sisters of averlorn are rare choice with magical bows using wytch fire.

E. High elf core will be reavers and silver helms and high elf militia(i dont know details of this)

F. Sms and Dps WLs(characian hunters) same stats have no idea if they have extra armour or not yet.

G. Flame Spire Phoenix does a slash attack, wake of fire (like abomb it can get back up), soem type of ward, attune to magic rule.

H. Lion chariots same stats will be stubborn.

I. Shadow warriors plastic kit sold in 10s.

J. Anointed of Asuryan is character that can ride phoenix.

K. Banner of world dargon possible without bsb though i dont know what it does.

L. Sms 6+ ward possibly only vs shooting

M. RBT still in rare

N. Everqueen has an upgrade or a second character is called her hand maiden appears to be a body guard

O. High magics

Lore attribute you gain +1 to ward saves

signatures *2
Soul quench 8+16+ 18 inch
2d6/4d6 s4 magic missiles
Drain Magic is an augment and hex 7+ remians in play (not sure on details)

Spell 1 Apothesis 5+
single model 18inch
recovers a wound or boosted 12+D3 wounds

Spell no? Hand of glory5+/10+
Increases ws,bs,i,m by 1 or d3

Sorry thats all i have
Thats all I have guys hope that helps confirm or dispel some rumours, watch this space if you want the truth.

Source #3
1) High Magic Lore attribute is 6+ ward save on friendly units if you cast a spell on them. If your already have a ward save, this gets better by 1 point.
2) Stubborn Lion Chariots.
3) Frost and Fire phoenixes can go alone. BUT frost phoenix can only be ridden by Caradryan and fire phoenix by the Anointed of Asuryan.
4) Loremaster of hoeth is L2 Lord option with WS6 W3 A3. Knows all signatures from rulebook.
5) New Lothern Sea Guard hero character. He can ride a flying boat.
6) New Lord option: Anointed of Asuryan. He can ride a fire phoenix.
7) Silver Helms go core.
 Sisters of Avelorn will have magic bows (but we do not know if any other bonuses)
9) Three army rules: Speed of Asuryan, Valor of Ages, Martial Prowess. We do not know yet if they remain the same or they have changed (apparently the latter option).
10) Flying boat name is Skycutter. LSG hero can be built on foot or as a crewmember from the Skycutter sprue. Phoenixes' names are: flamespyre/frostheart; Anointed of Asuryan and plastic Caradryan can be built either mounted or on foot from plastic sprues of phoenixes
11) Deductions: Phoenixes WON'T be MC, for they go either alone or are a hero mount. You may expect heros from other regions (avelorn, caledor, chrace)

All those things can be already considered facts, AND they are today's leaks all of them.

Source #4
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High Elves Lothern Skycutter
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