We are a crazy hobby, or better put, the people in our hobby are crazy (myself Included). Late last night we had the plastic Eldar Farseer model hit here on Faeit 212, and it did not take long for the images of the sprue to reach far and wide and something fun to emerge from it.

One of our readers who absolutely loves Eldar possibly more than most of us Eldar fans, constructed a digital image of the model we saw on the sprue. While there may be some irregularities, or slight differences, here is a good representation of what the model may look like.

Good job Dave and thank you.

via Dave Smith from the Faeit 212 inbox
Hi Natfka, I love your blog and saw your post on the eldar farseer this morning and being and long term lover of eldar i copied the image and using its various parts reconstructed it to give a rough representation of how the model looks when assembled (I have attached the finished product), enjoy :)

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