More confirmations that Eldar are to be released on June are coming in. In fact some recognizable names (unfortunately I can't name and have deleted and blacked out) are confirming the dates. Its looking very likely that Eldar are indeed right around the corner.

Now of course all this really could be nothing, after all these go down as rumors, and he said she said.

As for the blacking out, I apologize, I couldn't figure out the another way at the time to relay more confirmations.

via the Faeit 212 inbox

On                     I was playing alongside                      who I've known casually somewhat for a few years through gaming.
He now works on                     .
He knows how much I like Eldar and he admires my collection.
He told me the Codex was a June Release.

I saw                               here in                   the following week and he'd seen him and been told the same.
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