Its rare that we get much vision into the workings of Forgeworld, and so when this came in, I thought I would share. Some of the highlights include a Russ, Malcador, Garro, and more. When is the next Horus Heresy Book Coming? This rumor says September!

Please remember that these are rumors. Salt is always required.

Sent in by a source that must remain anonymous.
FW Projects:
1) HH: Massacre just after Orpheus, September.
Then Warhammer Fantasy (Lustria) campaign and dino releases end 2013, early 2014.
Expect HH: (Massacre 2) middle 2014 and HH: (Prospero) late 2014 / early 2015.

2) Miniatures:
HH sell really well!
Specific HH chapter Contemptors, special characters and dioramas with book releases, as expected.
New Jetbike design (less sleek more angles).
Legion Stormblade soon.
Ravenguard specific Stormraven variant.
As with Thallax, there will be small units and characters for Custodes and Sisters of Silence after Prospero release.
Also, Malcador and Garro mini diorama in 2014, Russ and Johnson duel in 2015.

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