This weekend I received my copy of the new Tau codex and was surprised to find units in the elite FOC selections that can take both skyfire and interceptor systems. This quick frankly caught me off guard that a unit could literally take both. It can be an extremely powerful combination that we will see on the tabletop and will change the face of our game.

Now in comes the Hydra Flakk Tank. These new rules really set up a precedence for a fix for the Hydra Flakk tank that could very well include tracking systems to get both as well. Of course a cost increase is needed, but I could now very easily see the Hydra getting both special rules.

Now add in that we have heard new rumors of late that have said we might very well be seeing a new option for the Hydra, that would include Lascannons. I am assuming of course that it is only two twin-linked lascannons instead of four like the hydra flakk cannons are, but the lascannons will be a powerful option, even if slightly overcosted. 

The latest whispers have the Hydra Flakk Tank getting released as a kit alongside the Apocalypse supplement said to be released in July. So we might not have to wait very long for this.

I can very well see that things are a changing. Where once those that controlled the skies dominated the tabletop, new options with very easily allied forces, can be or will be turning the tide over the next few months. 
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