Earlier today Larry Vela over on Bols took note of exactly who owns Games Workshop and its shares, and the changes that have occurred over the few months.  Its definitely newsworthy to know who is holding what. 

via Larry Vela over on Bols
There have been a LOT of ownership changes within Games Workshop in 2013.  Take a look at this:
As of March 31, 2013 the major shareholders look like this:

ShareholderNumber of sharesPercentage
The Nomad Investment Partnership LP5,154,14116.2%
Investec Asset Management Ltd3,087,7659.7%
Ruffer LLP2,557,2608.1%
Tom Kirby2,131,3946.7%
Phoenix Asset Management Partners Ltd.1,865,2185.9%
FIL Limited1,753,9005.5%

And here's what it looked like in early January 2013:

ShareholderNumber of sharesPercentage
The Nomad Investment Partnership LP5,800,00018.7%
Investec Asset Management Ltd5,700,00018.3%
Phoenix Asset Management Partners Ltd.2,900,0009.3%
Tom Kirby2,131,3946.7%
Ruffer LLP800,0002.5%
FIL Limited800,0002.5%

Some notes:
The largest three institutional investors (Nomad, Investec, Phoenix) begin selling off their GW portfolios within 1 week of the announcement of CEO Mark Wells leaving the company.

FIL and in particular Ruffer begin to purchase GW equity at a large rate. Ruffer bought a large set of shares as recently as March 21, 2013, bringing them above the 8% ownership mark.

Games Workshop equity has been fairly locked up and unchanged for a long time prior to 2013.
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