I am tired now, as its been 4 weeks since I have started seriously hitting the preparation of my Dark Eldar force for the Valhalla event. Valhalla starts on April 29th, which is now just over a week til departure, and lasts until May 4th.

So here is what I have been working on like a machine for the last 4 weeks or so, and to be honest, I feel like there is always a lot more that can be done. My old Dark Eldar contain a ton more models, from old grotesques (now wracks) to old reaver jetbikes and even more raiders. However, I am calling the Dark Eldar side of things as done for now.

Once again I will spend a little bit of time to get a few better pics over the next week, when I have a little more sleep on me. Over all I think I have completed around 90 warriors/trueborn, 6 archons, 3 haemonculi, 3 wracks, 2 farseers, 6 harlequins, 11 incubi, 4 ravagers, 6 raiders, 2 venoms, and a bunch of pain tokens.

While my dark eldar will take up most of what I am bringing, there are some Eldar and Grey Knights that are making the trip as well.

Also on a positive note, my Battlefoam case is supposed to arrive on Monday via UPS. That will be a good day.

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