Allies in 6th edition has really by now, become a very accepted part of the game. As 6th edition first came about, it was one of those things that many people complained of, and that coupled with double Foc's at a low level of 2000pts and above became a crying match of "foul" by many people online.

Now that allies are more accepted, and many of us are looking and hoping for an expanded allies selection (not to mention something for tyranids still), a Games Workshop store in Germany has taken a step in the direction that many of us are wanting, expansion of the Allies Chart.

Now, we are still looking forward to new mini-dexes, or a minor race supplement, and this in no way satisfies this (or in my opinion is the best way to go about it), however it is a step in moving towards what a lot of our hobby are wanting in this current environment.

So what is going on in Germany? Here was the post, I read on Warseer followed by the last word we have heard on the subject of mini-dexes a week or so ago. I am assuming this is happening in Munich.

via RandomThoughts on Warseer
Allies without Allies Matrix
Just wanted to share, yesterday I went to the local GW store and heard something absolutely amazing:

They are running a tournament next weekend, and they abandoned the Matrix Allies entirely, allowing any army to ally with any other army using the rules for "Alliance of Convenience".

I've been preaching the same thing for a while now, and seeing an official GW store doing it felt kind of ... vindictive.

Previous Rumor
via an Anonymous source on Faeit 212

New Mini-Dex's
There are still ideas about mini-dex's that have very few options and are very one dimensioned.
1 HQ choice
1-2 troops
1 Elite/Fast Attack/Heavy Support

Granted you could run it as a pure army but it wouldn't work very well.
They're a ways out. After all the codexes are updated.

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