You can now get some sample pages from the new High Elves Army book. So here are a few of them to hold you over until we get further along towards the release date.

Not really a rumor, since these are only samples from iTunes.

via Wen from the Faeit 212 inbox
Not sure if this of much interest and value to you, but there are some sample pages from the new High Elves Army book, which are available for viewing from iTune (only samples available, the actual book is still on pre-order).

The sample included several more pages, but most of which are not new (e.g. pic of current Tyrion model), so I've only taken the ones which appear new.

Feel free to put them up on your site if they are of any use. And the fact that these are already available publicly in iTunes means that they are not really rumours, more like news.

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