It has been a burning issue for quite awhile now, and many people are afraid that Black Templar are going to get rolled into the Space Marine codex. Now being around this for quite awhile, I can tell you that this question comes up quite a bit with one army or another.

So which is it? Will Black Templar be rolled into the Space Marine codex or get the 6th edition treatment?

Please remember that these are rumors.

I have been digging a little bit to get to the bottom of the Black Templar question, and here is a very blanketed statement from one of our best sources here on the site. I suppose he was tired of me asking.

Sorry : )..... and Thank you.
No book is being discontinued. All are getting 6th Ed updates. Hint hint. Nudge nudge. 

I am also going to take out this that Sister's of Battle are not being dropped or merged into another codex.
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