It is rare that I receive a rumor regarding the mysterious works within the Black Library, but this morning I have just that. Here are rumors discussing two new books about to be released, followed by two being discussed for the future.

Please remember that these are rumors, salt is always required.

via an anonymous source
there are 2 books due to be put up for pre order soon by BL, artwork has been done by Jon Sulivan, 1 of these is Space Wolves, looks awesome.

BL had a meeting about 2 weeks ago which was attendended by Neil Roberts (the artist responsible for the Horus Heresy covers), Dan Abnett, Gav Thorpe, Nick Kyme, Niel Roberts, Laurie Goulding and Graeme Niel. it was discussing 2 new books 1 being Dark Angels and 1 being Space Wolves. these are different to the 2 books mentioned above.
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