The Tau army release for 6th edition seems to have far surpassed the supply, and production of what Games Workshop was expecting. In this letter from Wayland Games it shows that while Games Workshop is increasing production rates of Tau models, they still are not able to keep up with the demand of the release.

So here is the letter going out from Wayland Games to its customers in regard to the Tau release, and the availability of getting a hold of models. It seems they are doing whatever they can to meet their customers demand.

via Wayland Games (copy thanks to Mario for sending it in)
Dear Customer,
You may have read recently about the the difficulties we have had with supply of the latest Tau releases from Games Workshop. These are down to a manufacturing issue which has regrettably slowed production. Initially we were told this issue would be resolved around April 15th 2013 but as it stands today we have been told to expect further delays whilst the production rate increases.

We are expecting further deliveries into us over the coming days but we are concerned that whilst the situation is entirely out of our control that you, our customers, will be experiencing a natural level of frustration with the delay in supply.

And we simply don't want that!

Accordingly we have taken the step, which we hope you will find favourable, that if your order is not complete and able to be shipped by close of business on next Tuesday the 23rd of April that we shall split any delayed order once (and once only) and send you the stock we are able to supply to ensure you have access to at least part of your order. This will of course be at no cost to our customers.

We understand that you may wish to cancel your order which we would be glad to do however as a further offer for the delay you're experiencing for those customers who allow their order to complete we shall be sending out a further special offer code by way of thanks.

We would also like to thank you for your patience and understanding whilst we work through the orders. If we could ask that any helpdesk requests surrounding order delays could be kept to a minimum it would enable us to concentrate on getting as many orders out as possible.

Keep on Gaming!
Wayland Games.
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